Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Serial Songs Download | Zee Marathi

Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Serial Songs Download | Zee Marathi, येऊ कशी तशी मी नांदायला | Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Title Song Lyrics Zee Marathi 2021 Shalva Kinjawadekar, Anvita Phaltankar Free Latest Tv Ad Songs Mobile Ringtone, Tv serial Song, tv serial BG instrumental Ringtone. Mp3 Free provides absolutely free latest Song. Serial background music, Song Lyrics. Because MP3 for Mobile ringtone of For Any Mobile Phones and Enjoy the new Songs ringtone don’t wait and Now Listen and download from 1000s of ringtones to an exclusive collection of serial songs for free to Personalize your Android or iPhone device.

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Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Serial Songs Download | Zee Marathi

Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Title Song

Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Lyrics

Lagbag lagbag Saasubai Bagh bagh
Sunbai aanli naandayla
Chulipashi thevli randhayla
Chulipashi thevli randhayla…

Jau bai rusali kopryat basil
Nand baghte nindayla
yeu kasha tashi me nandayla,

Sunbai sun sun
Jaau nako partun
Yashoda havi g gokulala
Tashich ye tu nandayla,

Lagbag lagbag sunbai bagh bagh
Tula g aanli nandayla
Thevu kasha kasha me
Thevu kasha kasha me randhayla
Yeu kasha tashi me nandayla…

Yeu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandayla Lyrics marathi

लगबग लगबग सासूबाई बघ बघ
सुनबाई आणली नांदायला

चुलीपाशी ठेवली रांधायला.
चुलीपाशी ठेवली रांधायला

जाऊ बाई रुसली कोपऱ्यात बसली
नणंद बघते निदायला

येऊ कशी तशी मी नांदायला
सूनबाई सून सून

जाऊ नको परतून
यशोदा हवी ग गोकुळाला

तशीच ये तू नांदायला
लगबग लगबग सुनबाई बघबघ

तुला ग आणली नांदायला
ठेवू कशी कशी मी…


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