Radha Rajya Abhishek Theme Song Lyrics | Radha Krishna

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Radha Rajya Abhishek Theme Song Lyrics | Radha Krishna

Radha Rajya Abhishek Theme Song

Radha Rajya Abhishek Song Lyrics

Gangotri Va Cha Kamakshi
Kuladepa Cha Kokila
Kutumbha Gaurava Varna Cha
Kucha Kumbha Samanveeta..

Koti Chandra Prabha Kavya
Komala Kama Lopama
Kalaki Kancha Gandharva
Gandharvi Gandha Lolupa..

Karuna Sagari Kantha
Kalyani Manga Lalana,
Gogopa Nayaki Gauri.
Gananatya Visharadha..

Daya Swarupini He Divya
Pashu Pakshi Priyeshwari,
Vibooti Chandrakanta Cha,
Chatur Shashti Kaleshwari..

Braja Mandala Devi Cha
Venu Vacha Vinodini,
Vrisha Bhanu Sudha Radha,
Bandhani Ya Cha Sarvada..

Swagatham Keerthika Putri,
Swagatham Braja Nayake,
Swagatham Madura De Cha,
Swagatham Swagatham Sada..

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