Happy Navratri 2024 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images

Happy Navratri 2024 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Durga Puja, Facebook & Whatsapp status, Pics, Greetings, Stickers, Messages, SMS, Fb Status, Songs, Ringtones, Cards, Wallpapers, Date, Time, Fast (Vrat) Food. Sharad Navratri 2024 Wishes is a nine-day festival for nine incarnations of Maa Durga when Goddess Durga is worshiped in nine different forms. The latest Festival Maa Durga Devi free stuff and new Durga Puja Calander start to the end All you need to know. You can get a lot of texts on “Navratri” fast (Vrat) free things which you can share with your friends, families, relatives, teachers, parents, social and public etc.

Happy Navratri

Happy Navratri Festival: Happy Navratri 2024: 9 days of prayers, 9 nights of joy, here is Navratri, my friend. Victory celebration about the great battle between the demon Mahishasura and Goddess Durga. Durga is Maa Durga, the god of hindusim and hindus celebrates this festival for 10 days all across India. That is the victory of “god over evil” this festival is called Sharada Navaratri. It is organized in honor of the divine female Devi (Durga). According to the Hindu calendar there are the total four Navratri in a year but only two Sharad navratri and Chaitra Navratri are celebrated mostely. Which typically falls in the Gregorian months of April and October. The theme is the victory in the battle over evil based on a regionally famous epic or legend as Maa Kali, also the avatar of a “Maa Durga”. People in India of Hindu families celebrate this fest for 10 days and People keep fast on this day to fulfill their wishes.

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Significance of Navratri

Goddess Durga is the consort off Lord Shiva and Mother of Lord Ganesh and Kartikeya in the form of Devi Parvati. Navratri is dedicated to Goddess who epitomises eminine power or Durga Shakti.

Maa Durga Puja (Durga Pooja): Durga Puja begins after the new moon day (Amavasya) in Ashwin. Devi Paksha in the Hindu month of Ashwin starts after the Mahalaya end of the Pitru Paksha and lasts for nine days. When autumn season sets devotees pay tribute to nine forms of goddess Durga during nine days. The Navratri is also called Durga Puja by Hindus, a major festival. On these days people offer Bhog to Maa Durga. They also make very good fasting dishes, which are eaten after finishing their fast(Vrat) duration for the whole day and and worship of Maa Durga (Pooja) in the evening. In these 9 days during the month of Ashvin or Ashvina in the “Gregorian Calendar” at the end of Navratri it often ends with the Dussehra also called Vijayadashami celebrated on the the 10th day.

Nine forms of Maa Durga with nine Prasad or Bhog given by Pandit to the Devotees (Shradhaalu)

In these ten nights people observe fast and pray to Maa Durga to complete their wishes to the nine forms of ‘Durga’. Goddess Parvati she took the avatar of Devi Durga to destroy Mahishasura and victory. That is the reason Hindius are celebrating this Navratri festival and worship for Nine days.

1. Goddess Shailputri

2. Goddess Brahmacharini

3. Goddess Chandraghanta

4. Goddess Kushmanda

5. Goddess Skandmata

6. Goddess Katyayani

7. Goddess Kaalratri

8. Goddess Mahagauri

9. Goddess Siddhidatri

Date And Time Shubh Muhurat:

Shardiya (Sharad) Navratri dates & time Aarambh in India 2024 –

Date Day Tithi Mother Name Festival Timing Navratri Colors
3rd October 2024 Navratri Day 1, Thursday / गुरूवार Pratipada Shailputri Ghatasthapana Muhurat

Ghatasthapana Abhijit Muhurat
Begins – 06:17 AM to 07:07 AM
Ends – 11:45 AM to 12:32 PM
4th October 2024 Navratri Day 2, Friday / शुक्रवार Dwitiya Brahmacharini Brahmacharini Puja Green
5th October 2024 Navratri Day 3, Saturday / शनिवार Tritiya and Chaturthi Chandraghanta Sindoor Tritiya

Chandraghanta Puja

Kushmanda Puja

Vinayaka Chaturthi
6th October 2024 Navratri Day 4, Sunday / रविवार Panchami Skandamata Upang Lalita Vrat

Skandamata Puja
Begins – 04:55 AM on Oct 10, 2024
Ends – 02:14 AM on Oct 11, 2024
7th October 2024 Navratri Day 5, Monday / सोमवार Shashthi Katyayani Saraswati Avahan

Katyayani Puja
03:36 PM to 05:56 PM White
8th October 2024 Navratri Day 6, Tuesday / मंगलवार Saptami Kalaratri Saraswati Puja

Kalaratri Puja
03:36 PM to 05:55 PM Red
9th October 2024 Navratri Day 7, Wednesday / बुधवार Ashtami Mahagauri Durga Ashtami

Mahagauri Puja

Sandhi Puja
Begins – 09:47 PM on Oct 12, 2024
Ends – 08:07 PM on Oct 13, 2024
Royal Blue
10th October 2024 Navratri Day 8, Thursday / गुरुवार Navami Siddhidhatri Puja Maha Navami

Ayudha Puja

Navami Homa
Begins – 08:07 PM on Oct 13, 2024
Ends – 06:52 PM on Oct 14, 2024
11th October 2024 Navratri Day 9, Friday / शुक्रवार Dashami Navratri Parana Navratri Parana

Durga Visarjan

after 06:22 AM

06:22 AM to 08:40 AM

02:02 PM to 02:48 PM
12th October 2024 Navratri Day 9, Saturday / शनिवार Vijay Dashmi Durga Visarjan Vijay Muhurat

Aparahna Puja Time
02:02 PM to 02:48 PM

01:16 PM to 03:34 PM

Fast (Vrat) Food: Eaten During Navratri Fest

Falahari Aloo Tikki

Banana Chips

Makhane ki sabzi

Makhane ka Rayta

Fried or Boiled Potatoes

Kadhi prepared with kuttu atta and sea salt

Dry Fruits, Tree Fruits and juices

Sabudana kheer




Kuttu Atta Roti Ya Poori with Kaddu Sabzi or Aloo Sabzi

Happy Navratri Wishes

Navratri Wishes 2024:

Happy Navratri Quotes

Navratri Quotes 2024:

❝Happy Navratri❞
We Are The Fortunate People
Maa Durga Has Given Us A Chance
To Worship Her And Be At Peace
To Celebrate, Sing And Dance…
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
On This Special Day.. As You Celebrate Valour & Courage
The Triumph Of Good Over Evil
Wish You Success & Happiness In Everything You Do.
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
This Navratri Light The Lamp Of Happiness, Prosperity & Knowledge
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
Nava Durga Has Come To Our Presence To Grace Us With Her Supremacy,
Let Us Worship Her With Happiness & Spirit Cherish Her Blessings & Celebrate With Our Loved Ones
Wish You All A
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
On This Special Day Of Navratri
I Want You To Know I Miss You Today
May Maa Bring Us Together Again
Sending Wishes & Love Your Way
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
Nine Nnights Of Celebration And Prayer
May Maa Always Keep You In Her Love & Care
All Your Problems Will Fade Away
If You Worship Her Each Navratri Day
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
May The Brightness Of Navratri Fill Your Days With Cheer.. & May All Your Dreams Come True During Navratri & All Through The Year.
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
May Mata Bless You On This Special Day Of Navratri & May On This Festive Season Dhan.. Yash & Samriddhi Come To Your Home.
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
N-Nav Din Ki
R-Rakhne Waali
A-Ambey Maa Aapki
Manokamnaye Puri Kare…
❝Happy Navratri❞

❝Happy Navratri❞
Lakshmi Ka Hath Ho
Saraswati Ka Sath Ho
Ganesh Ka Niwas Ho
Aur Maa Durga Ke Aashirwaad Se Aapke
Jeevan Mai Prakash Hi Prakash Ho…
❝Happy Navratri❞

Happy Navratri Whatsapp Status

Navratri Whatsapp Status 2024:

Happy Navratri Fb Status

Navratri Fb Status 2024:


Happy Navratri Slokas

Navratri Slokas श्लोक 2024:

Happy Navratri Pics / Images

Navratri Pics / Images 2024:

Happy Navratri Greetings

Navratri Greetings 2024:

Happy Navratri Stickers

Navratri Stickers 2024:

Happy Navratri Messages

Navratri Messages 2024:

Subh Navratri
Maa Shok Dukh Niwarni
Hai Sarv Mangal Karini
Hai Chand-Mund Vidharini
Tu hi Subh-Nishumbh Sangharni…
“Happy Navratri”

May Goddess
Durga Bless
You and Your
Family on This Navratri
“Subh Navratri”

Maa Ki Jyoti Se Prem Milta Hai
Sabke Dilo Ko Marm Milta Hai
Joh Bhi Jata Hai Maa Ke Dwar
Kuch Na Kuch Jarur Milta Hai
“Happy Navratri”

Feast And Have Fun
The Dandiya Raas Has Begun
Maa Is Blessing Us Through
A very Happy Navratri To You.
“Happy Navratri 2024”

Hum Ko Tha Intajaar Wo Ghadi Aa Gayi,
Hokar Sing Per Sawaar Mata Rani Aa Gai
Hogi Ab Man Ki Har Muraad Puri,
Hrne Ab Ssare Dukh Mata Dwaar Aa Gayi
“Happy Navratri”

May Maa Durga Empower
You And Your Family
With Her Nine Swaroopa Of Name
Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness,
Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti
“Happy Navratra 2024”

Pag-Pag Mein Phool Khile,
Khushi Aap Sabko Itni Mile,
Kabhi Na ho Dukhon Ka Samna,
Yahi Hai Apko Navratri Ki Subhkamna.
Jai Mata Di
“Happy Navratri”

May Mata Bless You On This Special Day Of Navratri
And May On This Festive Season Dhan, Yash And Samriddhi Comes To Your Home
“Happy Navratri”

My Wishes.. May Mata Bless You And Your Family
And Fill your Home With Happiness And Prosperity
Happy Navratri Season”

Feast And Have FFun
The Dandiya Raas Has Begun
Maa Is Blessing Us Through
A Very Happy Navratri To You.
Happy Navratri 2024
“Happy Navratri”

Happy Navratri SMS

Navratri SMS 2024:

Durga Puja Khushiyo Ki Ujalo Ki Maa Durga Ki
Aapki Zindagi Khushiyose Bhari Ho
Duniya Ujalo Se Roshan Ho
Ghar Me Maa Durga Ka Aagman ho
“Happy Durga Puja”

On This Auspicious Occasion,
I Wish The Color.. Bliss And Beauty
Of This Festival
Be With You Throught The Year
“Happy Navratri”

Ambe Hai Tu Jagdambe Kali.. Jay Sitla Mata.. Jay Durge
khappar Wali.. Teri Hi Gun Gawe Bharati.. Woh
Maiya Hum Sab Utare Teri Aarati.. Charan
Saran Mein Khande Tumhari.. Le Puja Ke
thali.. Bas Haat Sar Par Rakh Do, Maa Sankat
Harne Wali..
“Happy Navratri”

The Nine Nights Of This Navaratri
Brings Grace.. Joy And Fun
Let The Prayer Be Sung And Dandiya Be Done
Wish You A
“Happy Navratri”

Navratri.. The Season Of Love
This Godness Durga Mahakali Sarswati
Keeps You Happy And Destroy Your Sorrow
This Strenth Keep Away From Adhi
Vyadhi And UpaAdhi
“Happy Navratri”

Lakshmi Ka Hath Ho
Saraswati Ka Sath Ho
Ganesh Ka Niwas Ho
Aur Maa Durga Ke Ashirwad Se
Aapke Jeevan Mai
Prakash Hi Prakash Ho
“Happy Navratri”

Chand Ki Chandani.. Basant Ki Bahar
Phoolo Ki khushbu.. Apno Ka Pyar
Mubarak Ho Aapko NAVRATRI Ka Tyohar
Sada Khush Rahe Aap Aur Apka Parivar
“Happy Navratri”

It’s Navratri Today
I Have Nothing Much To Say
But For God To Bless Your Way
“Happy Navratri”

Hope this Navratri Brings In Good Fortune
And Abounding Happiness for You
“Happy Navratri”

Let’s Worship Goddesses Durga
And Prayers To Be Done
“Happy Navratri One And All”

Happy Navratri Wallpapers

Navratri Wallpapers 2024:

Previous Navratri Date:

9th April 2024 to 17Th April 2024

Previous Navratri Time:

05:58 AM to 12:47 PM

Next FestivalDussehra (Vijayadashami)

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