Happy Dussehra 2023 Wishes, Messages, Quotes and Images

Happy Dussehra 2023 Wishes, Messages, sayings, quotes and greetings for your friends and loved ones. When is Dussehra 2023?. The significance of Dussehra is the triumph of good over evil by the Hindu god (Rama). When lord Ram was victorious over Ravana and Maa Durga also established her victory over Demon Mahisasura, it was an auspicious day. Dussehra is considered as the most celebrated auspicious occasion of the Hindu religion, a good day to begin a new start-up business or learn new arts. The 10th day of Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra. It’s on Wednesday, 24th October 2023 in India. We also know Dussehra as Vijaya Dashami,, and we exchange happy dussehra wishes with you and you can share it with your friends and family as a ritual. You can also send them Happy Vijayadashami Advance Wishes to your loved ones to be the first one on this special occasion.

Happy Dussehra (Vijayadashami)

Happy Dussehra 2023: Dussehra or Vijayadashami is celebrated on October 24, Wednesday with Rama or Durga Puja. Here is the amazing collection of Happy Dussehra wishes, messages, greeting cards, quotes, dussehra images with English or Hindi quotations. I hope it will be celebrated with joy this year too. Happy Dussehra to all of you. Make this day more beautiful in this Hindu festival full of festivities with Dussehra messages or texts. Send your friends and family members the most inspiring wishes or status wishes and wish them Happy Vijayadashami.

Vijayadashami / विजयादशमी

Dussehra Date: 24th October 2023
Dussehra Time: Start 5:44 pm 23 October – 3:14 pm End on October 24
Dussehra Day: Tuesday / मंगलवार

Vijayadashami Puja Muhurat:

Vijayadashami Date: on Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Vijay Muhurat Time: – 1:58 PM to 2:43 PM
Durations : 45 Mins
Dashami Date & Time Start’s: 5:44 PM on Oct 23, 2023
Dashami Date & Time End’s: 3:14 PM on Oct 24, 2023



Dussehra Wishes

Happy Dussehra 2023 Wishes:

Happy Dussehra 2023 Wishes

Meaning of Dussehra Word:
D – Devil in
U – Ur life by giving you
S – Splendid and
S – Sparkling
E – Energy which brings
H – Happiness,
R – Riches and
A – Abundance!
Happy Dussehra to all of you

Dussehra Wishes In English

May Lord Rama Always
Keep Showering His Blessings Upon You.
May Your Life Be Prosperous And
**Trouble Free Throughout**

Dussehra Wishes In Hindi

अधर्म पर धर्म की जीत
अन्याए पर न्याय की विजय
बुराई पर अच्छाई की जय जय कार
यही है दशहरे का त्यौहार
|दशहरे की शुभकामनायें|

Vijayadashami Wishes

Happy Vijayadashami Wishes 2023:

Happy Vijayadashami Wishes In English

Happy Vijayadashami Wishes In Hindi

Dussehra Quotes

Happy Dussehra Quotes 2023:

Dussehra Quotes In English

An Auspicious Day To Start With Any Good Work
It Was Today That Good Won Victory
Over Bad May This Day Clear All
Hurdels Of Your Life And Start..
New Era Of Wellbeing
@@Happy Dussehra@@

A Time For Celebration,
A Time For Victory Of Good Over Bad,
A Time When World See The Example Of Power Of Good
Let Us Continue The Same True Spirit
(Happy Dussehra To You)

Fortunate Is The One
Who Has Learned To Admire,
But Not To Envy.
Good Wishes For A Joyous Dussehra,
_With A Plenty Of Peace And Prosperity_

Dussehra Quotes In Hindi

बुराई का होता है विनाश
दशहरा लता है उम्मीद की आस
रावण की तरह आपके दुखों का हो नाश
विजयदशमी की शुभकामनायें|

अधर्म पर धर्म की जीत
अन्याए पर न्याय की विजय
बुराई पर अच्छाई की जय जय कार
यही है दशहरे का त्यौहार
|दशहरे की शुभकामनायें|

बुराई का होता है विनाश
दशहरा लता है उम्मीद की आस
रावण की तरह आपके दुखों का हो नाश
|विजयदशमी की शुभकामनायें|

Vijayadashami Images

Happy Vijayadashami Images 2023:

Dussehra Whatsapp Status

Happy Dussehra Whatsapp Status 2023

Dussehra Messages / SMS

Happy Dussehra Messages / SMS 2023:

Day 4 victory O Ram Over Ravana.
When In Satya Yug, Ram Killed Da Great Demon And King Of Lanka, Ravana.
Lets Celebrate Together And Believe In Blessings Of God for good.
***Dasara Mangalmay Ho***

May All The Tensions In Your Life Burn Along With The Effigy Of Ravna.
May You Be Successful And Happy Ever!
!!!Happy Dussehra!!!

May This Dasara,
Light Up For You.
The Hopes Of Happy Times,
And Dreams For A Year Full Of Smiles!
!!!Wish You Happy Dasara!!!

May Lord Rama Shower His Blessings – A Dasara Message
May Lord Rama Always,
Keep Showering His Blessings Upon You
May Your Life Be Prosperous And
Trouble Free Throughout,
..Happy Dussehra..

Burai Par Acchai Ki Jeet
Dussehra Lata Hai Ek Ummed Ravan Ki Tarah
Hamare Dukhon Ka Ant Ho
Ek Nai Shuruat Ho
Ek Naye Savere Ke Saath
$$$Happy Dussehra$$$

Dussehra Poems

Happy Dussehra Poems 2023:

Happy Dussehra Poems In Hindi

Ho Aapki Life Me Khushiyon
Ka Mela Kabhi Na Aaye Koi Jhamela
Sada Sukhi Rahe Aapka Basera
Wish You Happy Dasara…

Happy Dussehra Poems In English

As The Candlelight Flame
Ur Life May Always Be Happy,
As The Mountain High
U Move Without Shy,
As Sunshine Creates Morning Glory
Fragrance Fills Years As Flory,
All Darkness Is Far Away
As Light Is On Its Way…

Dussehra Images/Pics HD

Happy Dussehra Images/Pics HD 2023:

Dussehra Greetings

Happy Dussehra Greetings 2023:

Dussehra GIF

Happy Dussehra GIF 2023:

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers

Happy Dussehra Wallpapers 2023:

Previous Dussehra Date:

Friday, 15th October 2023

Previous Dusserhra Time:

02:02 AM – 6:02 PM

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