Blogger Ideas Panel in Blogspot | Recommended ideas for your blog BETA Version!

Blogger Ideas Panel gives you the best recommended ideas for your blog with (BETA Version). In this post, we share all the details about the Blogger Ideas Panel and FAQ’s for Blogger’s new features and options. It gives you useful ideas for your blog. Choose the right suitable ideas for your blog title or description. You can also see the unanswered questions from the internet in the ideas panel and try to give the best answers to them.

What is this Idea Panel?

Blogger Ideas panel is a new Q&A feature in Google Blogger platform. When we start researching new content ideas for our blogs, it helps to build a new blog with very little effort.

We just tab on this ideas section, and it’ll automatically suggest lots of free ideas for our blog topics. These ideas surely help us to make a perfect blogging structure and to figure out what content we can post for our blog post.

Start the Blogger Ideas Panel: Make a new post for unanswered questions like Question Hub. Great alternative to the Hindi Google Question Hub. This Ideas panel slides out to show from the right to the left on the right side of the Blogger dashboard when we tab on the Ideas Panel icon.

How to User Blogger “Ideas Panel”

The following are simple processes to use and see the Blogspot Ideas panel.

  1. Login to your Blogger account with your Gmail ID.
  2. Select your particular blog website from many different blogs on the top left drop down corner.
  3. Then select the post section on the left side of the blogger dashboard.
  4. You can see the Ideas Panel on the right side of the post with the I button icon.
  5. Finally, it shows a lot of good ideas with proper recommendations and relevant topic suggestions.
  6. Also, see the Start Forward button (which it carries to you directly on a new post page).

Examine the idea panel screenshots below to see how you will perform on it.

This Blogger Ideas Panel shows the many limited users. Where are the questions asked that users are asking on the internet? So, it is a good idea to make a user-attractive blog that you can also use to fulfill these users’ queries.

Find a lot of different categories of questions, and you can even load more ideas for your blog by going down and scrolling down on the ideas panel.

Therefore, according to your nich you can choose the separate questions and answer a single post. That is a good idea for your audience where the users need a detailed explanation in a single post.

The blogger ideas panel does not show up for every blogger user. It only appears for a few bloggers, and Blogspot only allows a few users to use the question and answer features. If your blogger website has good quality posts, then it’s an algorithm to show this awesome ideas beta feature to you. If your blog is not good, then you don’t have to see this recommended panel.

How To Enable Or Disable The “Blogger Ideas Panel” For Every Publisher?

  • Go to Blogger “Settings” page.
  • Next, scroll down and go to the “Posts” setting section.
  • Then you will get the “Ideas panel” enable/disable option.
  • Turn On/Switch On to enable it. Show suggested topics and questions.
  • Turn Off/Switch Off to disable it. Not Show questions and suggested topics.

Tip: If you want to get more blog ideas, then you need to go to Question Hub by Google. Where you can see thousends of unanswered questions, select them and give a suitable answer in Hindi or English.

Google teams conduct thorough research and development before creating user-friendly panels for their publishers. However, it is useful to make your research more reliable and easy to find out the point of the solution. Under this “Ideas Panel” suggested unique and interesting topics which were relevant to your post.

Conclusion: We researched on the internet and didn’t find any relevant answers about the “Blogger Idea Panel”. So we created this blog for the new bloggers who have recently started to make a new Blogspot or blogger website.

Pray: We hope our tips are helpful and beneficial for you. Also, bookmark our trendnut site and sign up for our newsletter to receive more interesting blogs about blogger and other topics from around the world.

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